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m17x R4 Graphics upgrade to New Gen Graphics

Hi everyone,

i currently own an Alienware m17x r4, running a HD7970m graphics card. I would like to upgrade my graphics card and have access to a Nvidia GTX 970m and GTX 980m from the newer Alienware 17 r2 model, I just want clarification if the size/socket of the GTX 980m or 970m would fit my m17x r4.

Yes i know replacing/upgrading my laptop will void/modify warranty, and Yes i know how to change and replace the card, and Yes im aware they are different generations of graphics.

The reason why im posting this is because i know the 17" alienware range is up-gradable, i just wanted to know the limitations of how up-gradable it is, and if the 980m or 970m that i have access too will work in my  laptop. 


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