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Re: Alienware M17x R2 Random Daily Reboots and Rare Freezes

Hey there! Thanks for the advice and I've been trying the dell support, but no luck.

BUT! I've updated my nvidia to 266.58 drivers (from nvidia site) and ran some diagnostic like stress testing and temperature and GPU usage and all.

Temp goes up to 65c then high speed fans kick in and it goes down to 60c. This is it the GPU is using 95-98% of the GPU for about 20 minutes it did not go over 66c.

So no overheating issue after updating to 266.58 drivers and been trying to make it over-heat or crash by high gaming and using software that uses alot of GPU. Like running 3ds max with a 20mill poly model. Some Lag (Which is normal for a 20mill poly model in 3ds max) and high GPU usage, but no crashing or overheating.


So if anyone else has this issue, i recomend: 266.58 drivers from NVIDIA and disablign the bluetoth device in the device manager.

Will keep testing it and if i still have no crashes will turn on the bluetooth and see if that makes it crash, if so then bluetooth is the error here and not GPU as most people were thinking.



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