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No audio issue.

Well my Alienware is out of warranty and audio hasnt worked since the first week I got it. After searching the internet I have the same faulty mobo issue which causes my laptop to not recognize the speakers. It isnt a software or bios update issue or OS issue. Every once in awhile I will boot it up and it will be there but 80% of the time its not. I have gotten it to work occassionally buy removing the battery and pressing the power to drain all the capacitors but who wants to do that every time and have to then plug all peripherals back in. I was too lazy to send in and have the mobo fixed because I needed my gaming fix alot. I think its rediculous that Dell knew this to be a huge problem but continued to sell them with the same faulty mobos. It is a well known and documented probelm with the R4's.  I continue to use a bluetooth speaker for audio but this will not work for HDMI input which uses the onboard audio (PS4 HDMI). Headphones dont work either. All I can say is this is the first and last Alienware I buy. A shame because other than that it is a great gaming computer.

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