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Re: Disappointed and Distressed

We will see.  Honestly I am tired of dealing with Dell/Alienware.  It is frustrating to no end to speak with people that just flat out don't give a about you as a customer.  The lack of ownership and follow-up is disheartening.  The problem is I really really loved my alienware computer.  Had they just upgraded the power supply to run the 2 GTX 580 video cards they sent me I probably would have kept it but instead they argued with me and then offered me my money back instead.  So of course I am going to take the offer of being refunded after having 7 replacement computers in 5 years.  Anyways, we will see if I can actually get to someone that gives a about me and willing to help out.  What they don't understand is i can't give them a computer I no longer have now because I already sent in the computer to their depot.  Its their fault for not having proper accountability for clearly defined service tagged items that arrive there.

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