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Re: Disappointed and Distressed

7 replacement computers according to you, and you only paid for the original one?, and SIX YEARS ago you paid 2500?

Not bad.

Nice job on the keywords too.

If I were Dell, I would investigate you for fraud. Something smells about your entire story in my opinion.

You should have replaced your own power supply and been happy.

judging by the vary articulate manner in which you wrote your post, I cannot believe you would do something so as to ship both items back in one box, just to save 10 bucks shipping or whatever. You HAD to know there was a 50% chance they would scam, er, scan the wrong label.

So 6 years of using Dells computers and now you want your money back too?

Best of luck.

M14X R1, April 12

M14X R2, Nov 12

XPS M1730, April 09.

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