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Re: Disappointed and Distressed


I understand what you are thinking regarding the fact that I have had 7 computers in 5-6 years which I paid $2500 for only one of them however, put yourself in my shoes.  I will go into small detail for you so you get a better picture of my "fraud" as you stated.

I have had 18 - 20 repair visits to my home where my children reside.  <TOU Violation>  Also may I add that out of the 12-15 different people I would say only a few actually knew what they were actually doing. I say this because 90% of them had to call in for assistance to take a part the computer. Dell and alienware should spend less time making a flashy computer and make them a bit more tech friendly or at least offer some training to those they send out to their customers houses.

The other thing I must bring up is nearly every single repair contained refurbished parts. Again its no small wonder why things never seemed to work and if they did it was quickly broken again a few weeks to a few months after the repair was complete which resulted in yet another visit from those wonderful techs.

You also have to understand I didn't ask for all these new computers the 2 times I did ask for a replacement directly was because I had multiple people at my house doing multiple repairs replacing the same items replaced in the previous repair. I simply just wanted a computer that would work for at least 1 year. Now with that being said I am not going to lie and tell you that I am not rough with my computers because I am. I push my computers to their limits as I do a tremendous amount of video editing, graphic design and I do some pretty serious gaming. I take my computer with me to the different tournaments, gaming hubs and friends houses when I do game. So there is a lot of traveling being done with my computer. If you are wondering why I chose to get a dell/alienware computer the answer is very simple, their warranty. Knowing good and well that I do push my computers pretty hard I got a pre-built for the simple fact that they would warranty any items that malfunctioned. However, buying a pre-built seems to have provided me more problems then relief even with the warranty especially since I couldn't just go to the store that day and replace parts as I would have normally done with computers I built.

Please understand I asked them to give me a new power supply vs accepting their offer to just refund my original purchase but they told me I would have to purchase a power supply from them. Why in <TOU Violation> name would I give them $230 for a power supply when they were suppose to send me a comparable model to the computer they replaced it with. Meaning I was promised 2 x GTX 580's in a pre-built Aurora R4 that would have the necessary upgrades to ensure it would be able to run those graphic cards and additional components included with the computer. Its like you going out and buying a Porsche with this awesome engine and upgrades but instead of giving you a car battery that would run the vehicle they give you a "Triple A" battery and then they tell you to give them $250 more you can have the battery designed for the Porsche. Granted $250 compared to an $80,000 car is not a lot of money but I am sure you understand what I am saying and if not then you will never understand what I have and am currently going through. Using that same analogy they then offer you the money back from the purchase. They send you a driver to drive the car back. You include all things they gave you in the trunk of the car. They then get back the vehicle but tell you all they received was the items located in the trunk and not the actual car. So now they have your car but "can't locate it" and they have your money but they tell you that your account is on "hold" until they get the car back. How can they have gotten the items in the trunk but not the actual car?

That is my situation. They are saying they have the graphic cards that I needed to return that were in the same box as the computer they wanted back but not the actual computer.

As far as my shipping method at the time it wasn't to "save money" for package materials in truth I thought that if I put everything in 1 box there would be less of a chance anything being lost in transport to them. 2 different packages gives me a 50% chance of something being lost or misplaced and since both returns were going to the same location I thought it would be easier for them to have everything in 1 big box containing everything and anything they needed to release the hold from my account then to have multiple boxes to have to track down. I realize the mistake of this but regardless THEY HAVE the computer and the graphic cards they needed to refund my computer.

Now need I remind you I have had multiple replacements and a solid history of never have any issues getting my returned products back to them. Also understand I wasn't the one that suggested they return my original purchase amount in fact all I wanted was the upgrade to my power supply so I could run the graphic cards I was given by dell.

So now I am without a computer that I spent $2541 on and I am without my money. <TOU Violation>. I have requested that they send back the computer I sent them or they send me my refund. At this point I would be happy with either.  So to answer your question.

So 6 years of using Dells computers and now you want your money back too?

No I didn't expect it until they offered it to me and when they offered it to me I was just as shocked as you are now. However, I accepted the offer just like any one would have and provided them my part of the deal. All I am asking now is they hold up their end of the deal and sadly they aren't.

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