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Re: Disappointed and Distressed

okay you mess up to try and save dell money (don't know why but why not try) and you get the run around  at the moment anyway

complaining about 20 repairs and 7 systems in 5 years.. man thats not to bad i had 4 systems and 15 visits IN 6 MONTHS!, in the end i got a NEW replacement system not a refurb (it actually had all the plastic covering and certain sw features only found on new not refurb)  and i didnt even turn it on just sold it off for 300 more then my ORIGINAL system costed and got a desktop system (used core 2 quad extreme and a new acer laptop for when i am about)

anyway goodluck with getting this resolved im surprised you was offered a refund just to bad your getting the run around at the moment



P.S. thanks for not deleting i removed the TOU  and cleaned it up although i didnt think it wasagainst tou



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