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Re: Disappointed and Distressed

Hmm.... I see.   I will have to review the TOU a bit closer the next time I write something. 

Thanks for the changes made.  

***Update*** I still have not received any follows up from any of the folks I have emailed.  I have emailed them once a day since saturday and no one has responded back to me (along with several attempts prior to that).  It is obvious that I am not going to get anywhere.   With that being said does anyone know if I have any rights regarding my situation?  Currently,  Dell has my computer and my refund neither of which they will give to me. 

I have email correspondence from the Dell Advisor stating I would be getting a refund.  I also have email history showing that I have been sending them email nearly every day trying to get an update.  All of which have been ignored.  

Does anyone know if the better business bureau handles these types of cases and if so is it worth contacting them?  Does anyone know any of the legal or filing expenses if I can bring my case to them? 

Any advice would be great.    Thanks in advance.

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