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Intel graphics card not detected


A few months ago I had to have my mother board and graphics card replaced on my Alienware Mx 17 r3.

Then recently I had to take my computer to work and use it on battery mode for the first time since the replacement parts where installed, that was when I noticed that I could not switch between the Intel card and the AMD. I looked in device manager to see that the Intel card is not listed or detected. 

I followed a fourm on how to access the intel card in bios only to discover that the bios does not detect the Intel card either. instead I have a "discreet amd card" and also unable to enable switchable graphics. but the intel extreme graphics icon is still in the system try and seems to be effecting some other programs, I tried to install the Intel drivers but nothing happened. I have updated the bios as instructed, and nothing happened no intel card detected.

I have a feeling the technician might have forgotten to transfer the Intel chip from the old mother board to the new one, but I have no idea how to check as my laptop is still under warranty and opening her up might void that. Is there any other way to check?


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