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Should I replace my Hard Drive?

I am new to this forum, although I bought my Alienware 17 R1 (2014 Model) long back. Currently its not in warranty, hence reaching out to this forum.


See the attached for the error seen while executing Complete Hard Drive Test. The Error code here is "WHD38-25M". 

I have been receiving the following error as well, few months after I upgraded my OS to Windows 10 during the year 2016

This is in Intel rapid storage technology software. I have my main HDD in RAID0 (accelerated+enchanced) and the other SSD in RAID0(cache mode). During this time i did not find any issues with my drive until now, a year later, my main HDD is reporting around 4 bad sectors (as seen below, when scanned using minitool partition manager). At times it reports 5 or 6, then I run chkdsk, and some of them gets fixed.

I also got the 142 error once when I scanned in ePSA (only while doing a thorough test)

I used the Seagate's Seatools for DOS as well to check for errors. It fails in the Short Generic Test with SMART tripped error. Long Generic Test does not completely scan as it fails with the same error after some percentage of scan.

In the recent times I am facing issues with the battery as well. My system always shuts down abruptly to hibernate mode when the battery reaches to 50% charge level, without giving enough time for me to reconnect the power cable. May be, many such abrupt shutdown has also caused this. Diagnostics always reports that the Battery is fine. Laptop is more than 3years old now.

I mainly use it for Android Studio + its virtualizations, Google Chrome of course and Windows Media Player and at times for Photoshop as well. While working in Android studio, i see some lag now and then, when I check the performance in Task manager, it is doing continuous I/O operations with 100% activity frequently. My RAM is also occupied almost to about 7GB, installed is 8GB and other 8GB as paging. Android Studio and Windows's Memory compression keeps paging out to disk now and then. I guess I need to increase the Physical RAM as well.

Blue Screen errors

I am experiencing lot of Blue screen deaths as well. The most common I have seen till date including today is the "UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION" while the other being "POWER STATE FAILURE". Following is the blue screen that occurred few hours after I had created this topic. Unfortunately, windows did not even collect any dump data, it was stuck at 0% for a long time.

Following is the list of Blue screen errors I have found using the Nirsoft's Blue screen viewer 


Replacements to buy

I have done some research on what HDD and RAM to buy, but unaware of their compatibility.

1) For HDD, I am planning to buy the below new SSHD from Seagate


2) For RAM, I am planning to buy the Corsair Vengeance RAM (complete 32GB). 

Amazon.in: Buy Corsair Vengeance Performance 16GB DDR3L 1600MHz PC3 12800 Laptop Memory Kit CMSX16GX... 

Should I replace the battery as well ?

Where to find this battery now if I have to ? Is there any better version available, like 9cell or 12cell or something?

Is the Replacement of RAM/HDD required?

I do not have any experience repairing a laptop, but in the past I have rigged up complete Desktop PC with custom config. So will certainly need help if I need to replace stuff myself. If I can get any assistance from Dell India, Bangalore, it would be great. Or, please direct me to some good video links on accomplishing this (HDD & RAM replacement), as I find it hard to search videos specifically for Alienware 17 R1, I feel its totally dead in that perspective.

For obvious reasons, I have not revealed my Service Tag. I hope i have covered it well. If any authorised Dell associate wishes to help, please email me or guide me through whatever secure process available here which i am not currently aware of.

Note: Although the title states Hard Drive issue, I have mentioned other stuff as they might be related.

~ Kaushik Sanji

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