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Re: Should I replace my Hard Drive?

Hi Alienware-Eimy,

I still have not done anything as I still have certain doubts to be cleared. Yesterday and day before, again I faced the same blue screen error "UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION". I checked the health state of the disk in CrystalDiskInfo and it says BAD as below -

I will certainly replace this drive. But I do not wish to install the entire OS and many of my Programs again. So I have decided to use Acronis True Image software to make a clone of the disk as soon as possible before this drive goes kaput.

I have 2 HDDs here, as shown below. One of them is an SSD used as a Cache Drive and other HDD is being accelerated through it using Intel RST under RAID-0(Stripe) configuration.


How should I delete this configuration without losing any data in my main HDD, or in other words, how to convert them to Non-RAID without losing data in main HDD? 

Also, I will be replacing this failing drive with the Seagate SSHD (as I had earlier mentioned). Since I have a better SSD already that can cache comparatively better as the Seagate's SSHD has only 8GB of NAND flash. I would like to know whether I will be able to enable this caching after cloning the drive and successfully booting into windows. If so, what is the procedure for enabling the cache acceleration in Intel RST without losing any data in the new main drive?

Thanks a bunch for the assistance provided.

~ Kaushik Sanji

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