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Re: Should I replace my Hard Drive?

You don't want the HDD/SSD Hybrid nonsense. I think I would also pass on the m-sata form-factor also. That form-factor has been depreciated. Those older drives are likely rare and expensive.


like  says, just install a normal 2.5inch SATA-3 SSD. They are common and adequate capacities are even very affordable these days. They are also more reliable than old-school mechanical spinning drives. It will likely out-live the laptop.

You can Image Backup with Macrium Reflect (free) and bare-metal restore. Or, just clean-install Windows-10/64bit, re-install main apps, and selectively restore data. Explore my Bookmarked threads for tips.


Once you get rid of that lame Intel-RST raid-cache stuff, and get Windows naively booting-from and running-from on a real SSD ... the machine will be so much faster. Likely faster than when it was new.


If you already have 8gb or more, I would not mess with RAM upgrade. Save your money for next laptop.

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