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Re: Should I replace my Hard Drive?

eternalkp‌, Tesla1856

500GB is not option for me right now since I have 400GB of important data on my hard drive. If I buy 500GB, I will be soon looking for another drive, which is useless.

You guys may be earning and spending in USDs. Hence you find SSD to be damn cheap. I wish my country(India) was also the same. Below are the converted USD rates of Samsung EVO SSDs of different capacities - 

  • 500GB - around 240 USD
  • 1TB - around 440 USD
  • 2TB - around 1000 USD

(Rates are similar for both internal SSDs and mSATA SSDs)

Now if you convert the rate of 2TB SSHD (which I am purchasing) into USD, it is coming around 170 USD.

On top of all this, I am currently not earning money as I have left my job to do some studies to switch technology. So I cannot spend that much money to buy an SSD. If it were to be cheap enough I would have gone for the 1TB SSD. So its not an option for me right now.

By the way, I figured out how to remove the cache acceleration. Now my drives are in Non-RAID setup. Boot time is really slower than my old core 2 duo desktop computer, may be because hard drive is failing gradually.

Apart from this, on the Battery issue, has anyone observed any sudden battery drops ? Mine actually shuts down saying low battery when the charge is drained down to 85-90%. Does this mean that the battery needs replacement as well? Diagnostics always reports they are fine.

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