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Re: Should I replace my Hard Drive?

Many thanks for the suggestion. Did some research around ssd caching and based on your suggestions, I have finally decided to buy the Samsung Evo 850 mSATA 500GB SSD along with the 2tb disc drive. 

I want to know if the following procedure works before proceeding -

Approach 1:

  1. I will install the mSATA SSD along with the failing drive and the new RAM as well (since getting under the palm rest would be a pain again).
  2. Boot into Acronis True Image (I have purchased this, hence will be using it).
  3. Make a clone of the source drive with the mSATA SSD. I have currently 400GB data, I think I can still reduce it by 50GB or so by copying some files to external drive so that the cloning process works well.
  4. Once cloning is done, I will remove the HDD and boot only with the mSATA. This may require some setting in bios.
  5. If the mSATA boots into windows successfully, I will run diagnostics to validate RAM and SSD.
  6. Once that is working fine, I will shutdown and install the new 2TB SSHD for data and other program files.
  7. I will boot into windows, and use Minitool software to copy only the data partitions (that is other than OS) from mSATA to the new 2tb disc drive.

Approach 2:

  1. Same as 1 to 2 of Approach 1. Also, with installing the new 2tb drive as well.
  2. Attach an external hard drive to generate the partition image backup using Acronis.
  3. Restore only the OS and its system partitions to mSATA SSD.
  4. Restore other partitions to the new 2tb drive.
  5. Remove the old drive.
  6. Boot by SSD.

Are the steps ok, or should I change something. Which approach would be better. Do I need to ask Acronis team about this? Also, the SATA operation was set to RAID mode when I bought this laptop. In this configuration, should I change this to AHCI? 

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