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RE: Asus Rampage V Extreme on Alienware Area 51

sight compare w/the Maximus 7 Formula atx board; the 9 mounting holes look to be the same, rampage overlaps "1.1 inches" from the three right mounting holes. With no guarantees, I'd say it'll attach to your tray just fine - if not, then the Formula (any atx) certainly will. You're making me want a Rampage Z99 now too (= I'd try it, but that's because I have a MicroCenter close by, & could return it if it din't work out.

To re-use your liquid cooler, message Asetek, see if they have a new 2011 v3 retention kit, that adapts new mb to old stock Asetek cooler. Here's their official eBay seller page, message them through there:


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