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RE: Asus Rampage V Extreme on Alienware Area 51

word of advice: whether you get an atx/e-atx Asus, since it's an Intel i7, you should be able to boot up with your current hard drive & Windows install: you would do this to test that your already installed Command Center & its AlienFx features are willing to work w/new MB. That's the fastest way to check.

FYI: Rampage (most Asus boards) only has 2 usb 2.0 headers (our stock board has three headers); you'll at 1st lose one of your top front usb 2.0 ports. Utmost, be sure you plug in your master i/o board's usb cable into one of the two headers, lest your mio not communicate w/new mb, simply because you chose to plug in the top front usb in its place by 'mistake'. Find/trace usb cable that's plugged into your m i/o board & have it plugged into mthrbrd usb header ... (it is labeled MB_1 & USB_3 @ either end of its cable) ... then boot up (or try to) w/your current hard drive to check Command Center/AlienFx & m i/o compatibility w/Asus Z99 etc. If all looks/acts good, you could then try a new Windows install. Best advice is to unplug mio usb cable from new mb during new windows install, then plug it in after .netframework4 is installed.

Post in the coming days/weeks if you have troubles/issues with CC-AFx, mio & new Asus. CC version 2.08.09 from will install on Asus, 2.08.11 will not: proprietary software that needs a serious work-around.

Good luck with Haswell-E. Keep this post alive for your new build log, take/upload some photos as you progress, & write up a diddy if/when successful ...




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