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Re: X-51 BSOD - nvlddmkm.sys

Just an update on this - since running the latest driver from nvidia (rec from dell) I have not experianced these crashes thus far as well as some gaming improvement. 🙂 Since mucking around with this while troubleshooting i did a complete windows install for the warm fuzzies. (keeping the gpt / efi partitioning intact) windows still used the first partition of 300M for system and i even left the restore partition for now.

Installed the drivers (correct order). and restored my personal stuff and installed my apps. Now that i know I have a clean build I will keep an eye on things.

One thing i thought about while doing this and gpt/efi is pretty new to me on the pc is, will Acronis 2012 do a bare metal restore of gpt/efi to a new disk? The answer is maybe or not easily. It certainly will backup and allow you to restore to the original disk / partitions out of the box. This is what i found out talking to Acronis rep. Even disk director doesnt recognize efi. it kind stinks since i have used this product reliably for a long time:( - but i'm sure it will be in 2013.  Just passing this along.

I am trying out another product paragon hard disk manager 12 which looks to fit the bill - plus can allow for resizing and other goodies for a bare metal restore. Becouse we backup so when the big on hits and we need a new drive - a simple restore is a nice feature.

Oh yeah and the throwing star dvd feature is cool.

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