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Re: X-51 BSOD - nvlddmkm.sys

The nvidia website scan will see the 555 as a non-supported card.  The latest drivers will in fact work it supports the 560se which i think is the retail equiv of the 555 oem. NOt saying my issue was a problem with the dell driver - may have been caused by a piece of software I installed - also others are running the latest dell driver without incident. I wound up with the latest nvidia driver as part of troubleshooting and to be honest it works just fine. My issue was remedied more than likely by the clean uninstall/reinstall. It ran fine after that for weeks.

** uninstall all nvidia software via control panel / programs and issue the reboots when prompted. One thing i had to do was when the graphic drivers themselves were removed i had to swap from the mini on the discrete card to the onboard to get my display back - after i issued the reboot i plugged back into the discrete and she displayed using the windows drivers. Cleaned up using ccleaner and installed all the nvidia drivers.

Since then I have done a clean windows 7 install with provided dvd - mostly due to acronis 2012 not wanting to clean up after uninstall. Recently i upgraded to 296.10 and she's good. The reinstall is no big shakes - leave the gpt partitioning alone and reinstall into existing c partition. It will place your current user and system data under a dir windows.old.

Still haven't crashed since.

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