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Having a problem adding SSD to Aurora R7

I have new Aurora R7 with 512gb M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD as boot drive and 2tb HDD as storage. I bought samsung 1tb 850 evo ssd and want to add as additional storage. It is supposed  to be an easy process as per youtube videos i watched before attempting to install. I bought sata 3 cable since the pc does not come with one. I followed everything, connected power cable to ssd and sata 3 cable to both motherboard and to ssd. But when I start the pc it does not go beyond initial startup alienware logo. I dont know what to do after this point. So I removed ssd and rebootted the system. Initially the system was unresponsive but I had to restart and press F12 and go through there. As you guys probably see my pc skills leave a lot to be desired. So I would really appreciate if given some direction as how to add ssd and go beyond this initial "alienware" thingy. Happy gaming!!!