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Is dell ever going to up date the video drivers for the 260m on the M15X!

Hi everyone,

just wondering if anyone knows if dell/Alienware or ever going to update the video drivers for the 260m on the M15X? as they are still at version 257.38 on the dell website and if you go for the nvidia release is now at 306.97 if you go for the nvidia release you can update it but it messes up stuff on your laptop like OSD and other stuff like the graphics goes onto steath mode some times and you have to switch it off which is hard if your OSD isint working i can tell you!  i know there a lot of dissapointed people out there that bought this laptop and after a very stort time on the shelf it was discontinued because it was the same wieght as the M17X and there has been no update or revisions of it since! i dont think this is very fair to customers and fans of alienware! i dont think this is the on laptop/graphics card with this problem and i dont want to buy a new card or even a new laptop just yet! dell/Alienware just dont seem to keep on top of these software problems and i dont think my system is the only one suffering, if anyone from dell.Alienware could respond to this that would be good or some that has a work round for this problem that would be great! thanks for taking the time to read this thread a look forward to hearing from anyone...


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