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RE: Alienware X51 - not powering on, just the dim white light stays on

Hey man, i have the same problem. Well sorta. Im in the UK and have owned an X51 for nearly 2 and a half years now. I was mid game when my computer powered of without any warning.

It never powered on from that point again. I had my mate look into it due to it being out of warranty and it needed a new power board because apparently these days its ok to sell a computer for £1000 with it having an insufficient power distributer. 

I don't know alot about computers, I'm a plumbing and heating engineer but i do know if anyone asks me about computers id tell them not to buy anything from dell as they clearly give not one shred of concern for there customers. 

My computer has costed me £150 already and its not fully repaired yet. I just hope yours will be ok mate.

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