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RE: Alienware X51 - not powering on, just the dim white light stays on

Craggy, I thought support would be better there in UK but sad to see dell disappointing their customers everywhere.

I too got this system for around 80000 INR. My dad, my friends, everyone advised me against it and suggested me to assemble one on my own. I knew assembling myself would save me alot. But, I primarily decided to go for alienware thinking I won't have to worry about situations as these. 

My question here would be that even though separate motherboards and processors come with a 3 year warranty, why is it that you (people at DELL) continue to decline us in giving free replacement/repair or a refurbished unit. Do the Intel processors and chips or be it any other component for that matter lose their "performance guarantee" when used in an alienware system?

And why is it that you keep shunning off your customers once their (Dell) warranty of 1 Year is over? I mean I paid a heck lot of money for my system, to DELL. I would expect that I should be at least getting free technician visits within a span of 3 Years who could at least diagnose what the problem is. Extra charges for the replacement component is a separate issue altogether. 

P.S. I'm having a HP desktop PC too for the past 4 years and apart from the minor issues it hasn't ever died on me. And what do I get on paying extra to Dell? Poor after sales and customer support.

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