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Re: XPS 8930 or Aurora R7 selection advice

1. Good. I suggest you buy the computer and config you will need in 2 years (so you can keep it 4-5 years).

2. To do it well (even if only occasionally) it has to be built to handle it.

3. Right. Since XPS excludes 850w PS and Liquid Coolers, it is (unfortunately) excluded from consideration. If they would not have purchased Alienware 9 years ago, they would have them as options (because XPS would then be the Dell flag-ship gaming desktop platform).

4. Correct

5. Right

6. In 2-3 years, you will regret that

7. The Nvidia GTX-1060 might work. Depends on what games we are really talking about. Also, no VR with 1060.

Not sure why you keep mentioning 460w PS and fan-cooling for processor. On a $1500 purchase, is a few hundred really a big deal? 

8. In a few years, when Windows-12 is released, you will regret it. 8 years huh? 

9. No problem. I think many go through this decision process (that's why I'm still typing) . 

10. You are welcome.

11. Yes it is. Yeah, somehow, I keeping getting pulled back-down into the trenches. 

1. I will do that.

2. You are right.

3. Ok.

4. Yes.

5. Liquid cooling it is.

6. I have to agree with you.

7. To future proof my selection I should stay with the GTX 1070. The price difference over the GTX 1060 is not that high. Also I should remind myself that the additional cost amortized over several years actually is not unreasonable. So the GTX 1070, 850W PSU and liquid cooling option will be part of the configuration.

8. I have my current XPS 9 years now. It is getting really dated and I would like more power. Therefore my desire to upgrade. Perhaps I will upgrade the R7 on a shorter schedule.

Once again thank you for all your help.


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