Re: Alienware Aurora R7 Audio Problems

@BeverlyPhills wrote:

I always have a displayport cable connected to my display that I sometimes use for audio but usually I have my G35 headset connected and it is set as recording and playback device.

Also the Nvidia HD Audio Driver seems to get reinstalled after each reboot.

I think I tried unplugging the headset and using the HD audio driver (my display) as the playback device and the problem occured too.

Not sure what to do.

Yes, use DisplayPort (cable and socket) for monitor.

If you have external analog speakers, they should be connected to the back of the Aurora-R7 ... NOT the monitor.

As Fireberd says ... USB Headsets have their own "sound card" in their cable, and also their own drivers. I suggest you keep them dis-connected during trouble-shooting this because they are un-related and just complicate things.

If you are still having trouble, I suggest you clean-install these drivers:

- Intel HD-Graphics (on-board)
- Nvidia Graphics (dedicated)
- Sound Card (on-board)


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