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Re: Bye-Bye SupportASS-ist

Yeah ... I have Dell Update and Alienware Update (long since) uninstalled.

But for some reason, I started getting Windows Notifications from SupportAssist about new Dell Updates the other day.
- I do not want this because I like to do my own BIOS and file updates ... thank-you very much :Indifferent:

Then, I noticed in Windows Reliability Report:
It was Level-10 (perfect) for months prior to 5-2018.
About 30 days ago, started getting Daily red-error crashing (Background-Task Stopped Working) of various SupportAssist files. Took me down below Level-5 (poor).

Dell SupportAssist
Dell Product Registration
Alienware Customer Connect

For now, I left Installed:
Dell Digital Delivery
Dell Foundation Services

6-Month Update 

All is good here.
Other than nvidia.com drivers, everything I need seems to come from Windows Update.
If you want an actual BIOS update, just go get the next one from support.dell.com or ftp.dell.com .

I can also do without it's Diagnostics. I use Dell's ePSA (F12 on boot) instead, along with different Windows-based utilities (mostly CPUid stuff, Crystal disk-utils, and OCCT ).

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