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Re: Aurora R7 CPU pump failed

@Caliburian wrote:

I have found this cpu pump failed situation on my new R7 since last week, so far I tried:

1. Uninstall and re-install the Command Center, it works.....until next time I restarted my pc.

2. Run the ePSA test and it passed (the 10 mins one)

3. Re-install the bios and it works for few days until now. (I did not update or change bios recently tho)

Btw, the AlienFX also doesnt work when it shows the cpu pump failed.

Could anyone help me to fix this issue? Or should I need to call the Dell for help since it's still in the 1-yr warranty.


Hey Cal I see this post back in Feb. I just now got hit with the same exact thing. Did you ever get it fixed or just waiting for new version of CC?


This is what mine looks like after I got the CPU Pump failure. You see under thermal control I have now a new entry called CPU Fan. I believe its a software glitch and the CPU Pump sensor that was under thermal status is now listed as CPU fan. Thats my best take on it. All diagnostics pass and temps are perfect so I haven't called Dell yet based on other reply's that it could be a glitch but I did update to the latest BIOS which I prob. should have left that alone. 


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