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Aurora R7, fitting Corsair H60 water cooler

Being put off after reading posts stating there are space issues when fitting a Corsair water cooler, I finally bit the bullet and had a go yesterday. So some tips to anyone else attempting it. Ensure you have the service manual at hand and there is a good video on how to take the casing apart, makes it look far easier than it is. I prised the left side panel off using a pair if cutlery knives fitting in the gap near tabs, 2 needed as the blade on one would flex. The top cover is two parts, make sure you don't remove the very top cover (the shiny black one as opposed to matte cover with the handle) by mistake as I did, this ended up breaking 2 of the 4 tabs trying to refit it .... but would not have happened if the complete cover was removed, as there would be access to pop the tabs in from underneath, oh well 😞 The rest is pretty straightforward, don't forget to press the power supply test button which discharges the supply. The hoses are reasonably flexible and the optimum position I found to avoid stress on the cooler pump and other components when the power supply unit is closed is as below. where's the attach photo option gone?