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Re: I have Aurora R7 how does one tell if its liquid cooled?

@Jamemamone wrote:

I selected Liquid Cooling when I bought it but I have a feeling it didn't come with it.

I opened up the computer and I didn't see the thing with the Alien head?

How can I make sure it has it?  That's why I'm trying to find out where it would say "CPU Pump"

Once you have the side panel off and swing the PSU out of the way, it's very easy to tell.  If you have a block with an alien head logo and two rubber tubes coming out of it, then you've got a water cooled CPU.  If you have something like a heatsink with fan on top, then it's an air cooled processor.

You can also use a flashlight and look through the grills on top of the computer.  If you see a radiator through the slats, then you've got an AIO closed looped cooler installed.

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