Re: Aurora R7, unable to upgrade to 64GB RAM


Dell only validated 64GB XMP using our OEM 16GB memory stick =
RMWRN XMP 16GB, 2933MHz, DDR4, 2Gx64, 8K, 288 pin, 2Rx8, Dual Rank, Unbuffered, 1.35v, Non-ECC

You should remove all 3rd party ram and test the originally shipped Dell OEM memory sticks in all four DIMM slots. If it works, the motherboard is fine.

Test #1 Bank 1 =
Black DIMM 1 (XMM1) (closest to the CPU)
Black DIMM 3 (XMM3)

Test #2 Bank 2 =
White DIMM 2 (XMM2)
White DIMM 4 (XMM4)


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