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Aurora R7, AW768 Pro KB, AW959 Elite mouse, AlienFX issues

Posting here as I got an Aurora R7 with AW768 and AW959 a week ago. Ever since, it hung but troubles with the AlienFX lighting. Mouse is not seen in Control Center, not even changeable for AlienFX. I’ve been in touch with both Alienware tech support and Dell UK executive resolutions department regarding this and completely getting excuses that my machine is working as it should when it clearly is not. There is a new AWCC available, but only for the newer Aurora R8 and other newer platforms. I’ve been sent the excuse of “use the Microsoft Store AWCC app” which is terrible. No good reviews and extremely bad ones. Why is Dell selling this machine and then expecting me to use bad third party software that doesn’t even work properly to control what Dell should have already have under their own control? I am extremely angry. Suggestions of “Use the Microsoft Store app” will be met accordingly as Dell should have this sorted “in house” with official Dell updates. But it seems that support is no longer being offered for the Aurora-R7 with this new AWCC. Dell, care to comment?

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