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Re: I have Aurora R7 how does one tell if its liquid cooled?

@Jamemamone wrote:

Thanks for trying to help me guys, I still can't find it.


I found a "Thermal" section in the Ailenware Command center, but it looks nothing like the screenshot posted a few posts up.

Also, I notice a few posts up it says I might need a bios update for the command center to look like that?

i have 1.0.0 and just looked for the latest verion on and the only/latest version it has is the one I have.

If you do have an R7, it sounds like you have an old BIOS firmware and AWCC application installed.  Confirm that it is indeed an R7, then log in to Dell support.  Go to downloads and enter your PC's service tag to find the most updated versions for your particular system.

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