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Re: Trying to figure out ram for the aurora R8.

Just got a new aurora r8 and was looking into this as well. My system shipped with one module of 16gb HyperX 2933 single channel and I was looking into adding another to go 32gb dual channel. From ALL the research I have done, it seems that NONE of the retail HyperX modules will work with the one Dell have used because the timings etc have been specifically customised for Dell, thus making it IMPOSSIBLE to add aftermarket memory without having to swap out the original Dell HyperX memory, which is ridiculous! Why, oh why did Dell make it like this? - I can’t say I am that pleased about the fact that I cannot simply add another stick of ram without having to ditch a perfectly fine module in order to do so. Basically, in a nutshell, it’s like Dell have got us over a barrel with regards to aftermarket memory upgrades - you can’t buy a retail one to match because Dell chose to have customised specifications for their version of HyperX Fury. The upshot? - if I wanted to add memory, I now HAVE to buy it from Dell directly and I’ve seen threads here where prices are exhorbitent to the extent of being in the region of $600 for a stick!! Had I known this at the time, I would not have configured in this way!!!
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