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Dell On-site Technical Support Broke My Desktop

I posted on this forum a few months ago because I was having trouble with some of my USB ports. I have an Aurora R5 that is still under warranty. A technical rep contacted me and wanted to send an on-site tech to replace my motherboard.

He left my house about 2 hours ago, and I'm honestly ready to cry.

I watched him roughly rip out the insides of my desktop, as "the plastic had melted and it was really hard". He told me he'd been around computers all his life, so I left it, because surely he knew what he was doing.

Big mistake. I get so anxious when other people touch my technology because it always seems to go wrong, and this was no different.

Once he had mounted the new motherboard, put my PCIe and fan back in, the keyboard, mouse & kettle cord was plugged back in to test the PC. 

The PC started, and the screen came up black, with a few options in grey, telling me something along the lines of that it could not detect boot device.

The technician spammed F2 to bring up the BIOS, changed from UEFI to legacy and tried to boot again.

This time, the Windows logo came up, and tried to repair the drive, and that told us that "your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart".

Confused, he called Dell and talked to them, because he wanted to check that the settings in the BIOS were correct. After about maybe a half hour of him changing settings and trying to troubleshoot, he declared that there was nothing he could do, and that Dell would send me a boot media, where I would have to reimage the boot drive.

As it was hardware that he was coming to change, I had not backed up my data on my boot drive, and he told me I had 10 days to recover the data on my drive, and to go to a computer repairs shop, and that I would have to pay for my own data recovery because Dell didn't take responsibility for data corruptions/losses.

At that point, I was fighting the urge to cry out of frustration. A job I could have done myself, I let a untrained "technician" touch my heart and soul, and he broke it. Not only did I lose hours of my time today, I also had to miss out on an event that was planned for weeks to deal with what was going on at home. I was so upset. 

He gave me a number to call for Dell technical support, asked me to sign something (which I refused), and left. 

I first called another number to get a refund for a ticket I had purchased as I was no longer able to go, and then called Dell. Dell tried basic troubleshooting, getting me to change from Raid to AHCI, making sure it was UEFI and not legacy, and got me to save and reset.

Then, the technician told me the department was closing and that I had to be redirected to Malaysia, who would have my case file and have all the details. After waiting about 15 or so minutes, I began talking to a guy I could not understand. It took about half an hour, to realise he was asking for my service tag.

It was a very painful and difficult conversation, and this entire thing was a massive waste of time, as I needed to be studying, not worrying about important data.

In the end, I said I would call back on Monday when the Australian lines opened again, and hung up.

I am in shock, at the level of customer service, and something that was a simple job, cost me my entire night, and potentially my whole weekend. 

I stress this very hard, do not trust Dell's outsourced technicians from unisys. If you need to see one, supervise. You are the one that loses anything. He took no responsibility, and couldn't help at all and did not know how to fix what he had done. 

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