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Re: Dell On-site Technical Support Broke My Desktop

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1. The technician spammed F2 to bring up the BIOS, changed from UEFI to legacy and tried to boot again.

2. I had not backed up my data on my boot drive,

3. Dell tried basic troubleshooting, getting me to change from Raid to AHCI, making sure it was UEFI and not legacy, and got me to save and reset.


1. Someone should have taken screen shots of the old motherboard's BIOS settings before it was removed.

Someone should have also revealed the Windows key (burned into the BIOS). Obviously, it would be changing, and some "spare parts" motherboards do not even have a key.

2. Really, no good excuse for this. At least a simple file-copy backup should have been done. Personally, for this level of repair, I would have additionally made a full Macrium Reflect image-file as well (for extra insurance).

3. In addition to #1 above, there is also a potential issue when swapping a motherboard out from under-neath a "live" Windows system that is running in SecureBoot-Mode. When I did it once, I had to "Rebuild the SecureBoot Keys" with a special BIOS option before it would work properly again.

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