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Aurora R8, PCIe slots

Hello, I am trying to find out how many total and free PCIe slots are on the Aurora 8 (the $5000 one).  I want to use this for HTC Vive VR, but the wireless upgrade on Vive requires a free PCIe slot, and with the computer already using PCIe for SSD, I am not sure what sort of free slots it will have.  Can anyone help?  I looked all over the specs on the computer and can not find anything about number of slots inside, only number of slots on outside of case.


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Re: PCIe Slots on Aurora r8

2 PCIe x 16

Two PCIe x4 slots
One M.2 slot for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo card•
One PCIe/SATA M.2 2280 slots for solid-state 

Aurora 8
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Re: PCIe Slots on Aurora r8

The online manuals are here.

If you order the Aurora-R8 with a single (dual-slot) Nvidia card like a RTX-2080, you will still have:

One PCIe-x16 slot (x8 electrical)
One PCIe-x4 slot
both free.
So, no problems installing another PCIe card in one of those lower slots.

Aurora R8 Setup and Specifications PDF, pages 14/15 =


Aurora R8 Service Manual PDF, page 14 =


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Re: PCIe Slots on Aurora r8

Thank you for the info and link to the manuals, I had already ordered the R8 with single 2080 card, but does not get here till the 10th 🙂  been trying to get all my ducks in a row before then, already have Vive but not the wireless upgrade yet, and did not know the wireless upgrade took a PCIe slot until today so I got meself worried and couldn't look inside the Aurora and see for myself yet, heh.

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