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Re: Never again will I buy Alienware/dell products


I feel your pain. I'm in a similar situation, and like you, I too (at the time of my purchase) felt I had reached a whole new level of awesomeness when I ordered and received my Alienware 17 R3. It has been an utter disappointment since the inception of ordering it and owning it now for a lil over two years.

I should of known better - my gut instincts told me to return it - but it's an Alienware! Currently, I've been in a customer service nightmare for the last month over mine - and that's with Premium Warranty support! I've tried making my case here on the forums, like you, and you know what the Mods response has been - to quietly remove my post. Twice. No explanation. No private message. No "let's review your case." No violation of TOS/ROC. Horrible customer service experience. Absolutely horrid - and trying to reach a customer service manager in the US to discuss my unique situation - HA! Yeh, right - I might as well be trying to reach out to the Pope for a private chit-chat and catch up on life. 

They don't give a *BEEP* Np. I can certainly take my business, my money, and my clients elsewhere. SMH. 

Good luck Robert. I hope things pan out for you in the end.

Kind Regards,