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Re: Never again will I buy Alienware/dell products

I hear ya man.

I have a Lenovo X1-Carbon Touch (Gen-2 & Loaded). Paid over $2200 new. Worked perfectly for 2 years (during warranty). Died at 2.5 years. Intel-i7 Processor and RAM are soldered-in (it's built like a phone inside). Lenovo wanted $800 for a new motherboard. Luckily, I found the exact used one for $300. Still working to this day (my daily driver). Dodged that bullet, but I will never buy another Lenovo. Too bad because the new ones sure look nice.

I've had pretty good luck with my other Dell laptops. Many still work fine. Some of my clients have fleets of Latitudes and they are good. My $2000 Dell M65 Precision Mobile Workstation (laptop) finally died, but it was like 9 years old (and not worth fixing). I bought it when it was 2.5 years old, off-lease for $500.

If Dell and/or Eimy can't help, try to find a local qualified computer tech that works on laptops.

I'm stickin to Dell and HP for laptops, however my next one will likely be a 13inch MacBook Pro (Retina-TouchBar). It will run Apple macOS  -and- native Windows-10/64bit (via BootCamp).

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