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Re: Never again will I buy Alienware/dell products

HP/Acer are the worst quality and support wise having seen not one person I know have these without issues within 2 years. Dell however I have usually had good experiences, they replaced my refurbished 7567 (1050Ti/1TBHDD) mid specced unit for a maxed out 4K 7577 (1060/512GB nvME/1TB HDD) when I complained and sent my 7567 in for uneven core temps twice. I have never seen Latitudes or Precisions fail even after 5-7 years and my father's corporation went back to Dell despite higher costs, after trying HP for a very short time who offered low cost but quality and support were terrible. Even Apple with the new MacBooks, the keyboards can accumulate dust etc and get stuck keys and cant be cleaned easily costing over $200 for some to replace and nothing is serviceable meaning post warranty if anything happens your gonna pay up a ton. I mean I'm sure some people will have issues with Dell but overall they are usually the best I have seen and they don't void warranty for self upgrades.

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