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Re: Never again will I buy Alienware/dell products

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I have never seen Latitudes or Precisions fail even after 5-7 years and my father's corporation went back to Dell despite higher costs, after trying HP for a very short time who offered low cost but quality and support were terrible. 

Right. The Dell Latitudes and Precisions are business models so they are built heavier and end-up being more reliable. Sure, they are more expensive, but you really do "get what you pay for". HP has similar models (EliteBook Pro and Folio [UltraBook]).

Consumer (and Gaming) models are different. A lot of consumers want flashy, sleek, thin and "Form over Function". Most of all, they want it cheap ... but there are no "deals".

I suggest you keep extended warranties on all your portable computers and devices (at least for 3 years or until they are paid for). If not doing that, put that extra money into savings account to cover it's repairs (your gonna need it).

Finally, before buying a nice laptop ... be sure you don't really want a nice Desktop. It's more powerful, easily upgrade-able, cheaper, and games better than any laptop. It's harder to drop or get stolen. Or, maybe, you really just need a gaming console for your gaming addiction   .   Use something else when portable (iPad, SurfacePro, Android/Chrome-device, or even just a cheap laptop).

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