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Re: BIOS update not installing.

Dell after-sell service too bad, feedback this same issue to their service team and told them i found similar cases from online forum. They remote access my laptop15R3 to confirm the issue, tried reinstall 1.2.4 bios in Windows and manually in bios setup mode but both failure. And they said my might be my motherboard faulty then cause the bios cannot be install. But i told them i don't think it faulty because it working fine, and so similar cases in forum too, but they insist to change it. They sent a technician(from subcontracted company, unprofessional, disassembly laptop without wear anti-static wrist strap before start, like no experience disassembly Alienware before, always thinking for the next step)(recall back i regretted, i should show him first the video of disassembly from youtube) to replace my motherboard by a refurbish board but still failure, same cannot install 1.2.4 bios. **bleep**??? then will do disassembly my laptop again? cos i'm sure want put back my new board instead of refurbish board!!! So famous brand in world but have no such experience and treated my laptop as an experiment to testing? And next they wanna ask me to try is if able to roll-back the bios? o Dear guys, do not let them disassembly your laptop if you want keep your laptop in new condition, unless they can guarantee it work.  


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