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Alienware 17-R4, no Dell support


can someone help me please and point me to the right direction in solving my issue? I have a really expensive Alienware 17 R4 and it has troubles. it almost impossible to use it. I have PREMIUM support or at least I paid for it. I have opened a ticket since Sunday 25th, on site it says I have to get a reply in 1 business day, I have no reply at all, the problem is untouched , unread by any of the support stuff. The laptop starts to malfunction even worse with each hour of function Smiley Sad(
Can someone tell me where to escalate this or where to email to have my issue assigned and someone to start helping me how to proceed to get my laptop fixed? The chat suppose to be there, I have checked everyday since Monday, it's Wednesday already, no chat at all! What can I do? Can someone please help me here ? I have "handled" it better then an ultra expensive rare crystal, well cause it is ultra expensive. still it is broken after not even half year of usage and I have no support. I want help. Smiley Sad(
Thanks in advance
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