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Graphics Amplifier Troubles

Hi all, 


I have an Alienware 15R2 running Windows 10. I just received my graphics amplifier and installed it yesterday with a EVGA GTX 970 card. I can do most things normally while running the laptop with the amp, EXCEPT gaming. Every time I fire up a game, I am just able to make it to the main menu, but I can never start a new game or load a saved games will just audio also gets **bleep** up if there is background music. So I have to end-task the application (this only works part of the time), but the story doesn't end there. If I am able to exit out of the game and get back to my desktop, the operating system becomes all laggy and almost unusable, at which point I have to do a restart. Sometimes the restart doesn't work and I have to do a hard reset. 

I have tried the following remedies after reading around on the internet:

-Cleaned out my nvidia drivers with DDU and reinstalled them (by the way I only downloaded the mobile drivers as I read you shouldn't install any desktop drivers).

-I updated my intel graphics drivers. 

-Updated bios to the latest version (feb 2018).

-Updated other drivers that were out-of-date.

-Disabled intel drivers while running the amp.


None of these seem to work. The graphics card works in my buddy's computer and the amp is brand new, so I don't think its a hardware issue. I have read that the newest bios releases are causing problems with the amp, so should I revert to an older bios? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you.


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