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Re: BIOS update not installing.

Alienware or Dell needs to freaking address this BIOS Update issue. It has been going on for a while. Dell supports  website has a banner about the Intel's security flaw and they posted a BIOS update schedule for Dell/Alienware machines. the AW 15 R3 BIOS is scheduled to be June 26th, however, today is the 28th and yet the schedule does not have any update link for 15R3 like others in the list. There is 1 new BIOS in the driver & download site. It states that it is 1.3.0 version but the system pop-up a warning asking if I want to replace the 1.2.4 with another 1.2.4??? After installing it manually, the Alienware Update software still tell me that my system needs a BIOS update? The information link through it shows that the BIOS is 1.2.4 released in May 2018. I am really **bleep** that Alienware never fixes their BIOS Update system.