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Re: Why does the ACC service take 2.5 mins to load?

Hi. Tried it on mine and it took 41 seconds to get to the welcome to your alienware screen and one minute and twelve seconds for it to finish loading the thermal and overclock. You must have something else loading that is slowing down the AWCC. Having said that, The AWCC is a piece of junk and takes far too long to load and is very flakey. Look on the bright side, at least it's working. Smiley Happy a lot of people cant even install it or get it to work. You could change the service to Automatic instead of Automatic (delayed start) but you will be pushing other essential services to the back of the queue, so might not be a good idea. Do you really need access to AWCC as soon as the laptop starts?

Just changed the service on mine and it loaded fully in 30 seconds

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