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Re: Threats From Dell's Customer Service

You're right. There is a LOT more.

I order the laptop at one price. In 2 days (before you guys shipped it) I ask if I can change the color. You say the order has to be cancelled and I would have to "re-purchase the laptop". I do that, and this time around I get charged $300 more than what I originally paid. I ask you guys if you can price match the original price and you say "Yes". But my bank blocks the transaction. So I call my bank, they fix the problem, I come back to chat with a Dell rep (mohd_n)... and he try's to pull a scam on me and tells me "No, we can't price match. You have to buy it at full price". I'm like "I already got the price match approved... Why are you giving me a hard time"? He says "I've spoken to my manager... and he said "NO"." So I'm like "Why's your manager being a *D* about this..." He's reply is "Now we have your IP... We're coming after you... You'll report you... We'll Block you".... 

So at the end of the day I learned 1. Dell does price flipping to scam more money out of customers. 2. Dell does NOT support price matching. 3. And Dell gives ILLEGAL threats! Which violate US law! Saying the "D" word is NOT illegal. To say "We have your IP, we're coming after you IS ILLEGAL"!

I have a total of 8 Dell laptops and desktops. Every 2 years I used to buy a Dell computer... NEVER AGAIN! I DO NOT SUPPORT PRICE GOUGING CRIMINALS! HP Omen, here I come! 

Dell = Two Faced Scam of a "company"!