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17 R2 incredibly low performance and blue screen

Hi all, I have a 17 R2 bought in 2015, with i7-4980HQ, GTX 980M, and 16GB ram from Dell. The BIOS is A10 and power 240w. Got two serious problems with my laptop now: 1. Bluescreen, 2. Ridiculously low performance.

  1. Bluescreen: Since I get the laptop, I constantly run into blue screens with WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. The Dell support just asked me to reinstall Windows again and again but the error suggests some hardware issue. So I gave up on them. The blue screen comes up more frequent as time goes by. It used to crash only during intense gaming but now it crashes even when I do programming.

  2. Performance: I am getting extremely low performance in games. I have to turn on verticle sync in many games (PUBG, Destiny 2, etc) otherwise the image trembles. Despite setting the sync to 30hz, games would crash all the time, probably 3~5 times a day. Another indicator of the low performance is Nvidia's Geforce, it recommends me to use all low or lowest setting in any game I try to optimize. I don't think it's normal, it's even worse than my working laptop which has i5 and an old mid-end graphics card.

Regarding the system, it's clean from virus or malware. Gpu-z tests told me that the launch temperature of CPU and integrated Iris card (built together) was ~60 Celsius and the highest in game-temperature was 93 Celsius. The highest temp for 980M was only 70+ Celsius. I already lifted my laptop and the room temperature is comfortable. The fans are clean but I didn't replace the paste for two years. However, paste alone shouldn't have so much impact on my performance, so I am not sure if it's a temperature issue, especially when GeForce suggested such low settings.

I love Alienware but it's really hard for me to keep the spirit up after all the disappointments when I try to get my laptop works right Smiley Sad I hope it's just because that I <Profanity removed> at adjusting my laptop. I am not sure who else can help on this except people here...Would be really appreciated if the problems are gone! Thanks in advance.

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