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Re: Installing Windows 7 on G7 15 7558

I had that happen when I added both the USB 3.0 drivers and the NVMe hotfixes.  Removing the NVMe hotfixes resolved the issue, and I didn't need them on the affected system; I just figured they'd be good to have "just in case", but apparently not.  But the above answer is correct.  Even if you get Windows 7 to install, you probably won't get all of the drivers you need because Windows 7 versions aren't available.  And even if you fix that, you might not receive any Windows Updates since it will be on unsupported hardware (specifically too new of a CPU).  And even if you fix that, Microsoft will stop providing updates in January 2020 anyway, barely over a year from now.  And if XP's demise is any indication, browser vendors will stop providing updates shortly after that point, at which point it will become arguably unsafe to have that system on the Internet.  And eventually you'll run into functional problems too.  A WinXP SP3 system these days can't even access most websites because it doesn't support newer SSL/TLS protocols and certificate signing mechanisms.

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