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Re: Terrible experience with Alienware sales

Hi Eimy,

Thanks for your reply. Part of my frustration was due to the fact that no one cared enough to acknowledge my experience and address the situation, so I appreciate your response.

If I buy this laptop, I may upgrade the RAM and SSD myself. I'd like to know the basic tech specs on the type of RAM used so I know what type of upgrade kit to buy. In regards the SSD - does Alienware use high performance drives (such as Samsung 970 EVO, WD Black, &c)? If not - and I know this is a long-shot request - is it possible to get this laptop without an SS, perhaps with the necessary files on a flash drive? If I upgrade the drive myself, I don't want to pay for an SSD I will not use. You see, I'd also like the larger battery, so this eliminates the cheaper HDD option.

Thanks for your help,

- J

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