Re: Alienware R15 GPU not attached - less than 2 month old

@AV0101 wrote:

I did call them and they said I had to pay for any additional help!  That's why I reached out to the forum.  I will call them gain as I see this as a hardware issue and not a software issue as what Dell told me.  I was told because I was updating my drivers it was not their issue without payment.  It seems unfair, we are always updating drivers.  I checked my warranty info and it states I have Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis (Consumer Customer)/ Next Business so not sure why I got the response I got.

 Cause you mentioned it could be a program issue. If it has to do with Drivers, you are NOT a premium customer thus must pay to get it to work (Software).

If it's only 2 months old, you can try doing a factory reset to rule out software problem. My Support Assist is FUBAR on my 15 R3, but everything works so I ignore support assist. Worst case is you send your laptop back to Dell and they fix it.

It IS possible, that it has become disconnected. Which case, you can watch a tear down video and do it yourself, or.. have them diagnose your PC through remote Connect (Support assist help) and if so, they can dispatch a tech to fix it.

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