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Re: Alienware R15 GPU not attached - less than 2 month old

Thanks for the response.  Out of just getting this fixed I did the following:

First a recap of my issues.

-Laptop about 2 months old

-After a driver update the laptop went into a continuous loop of trying to repair windows, tried all options but could not get the laptop to reboot.  

-After reading forums it was suggested that I refresh windows which I did.

-Once refreshed windows would not detect my GPU, it was detected in the BIOS but not in device manager.  I tried all the options suggested to me and still no luck.

-Support stated what you stated above BUT who does not update drivers?  Their support via chat on 2 occasions was way below par, a company where you are just a number not a a customer.  This is the first time I have bought a laptop from dell and will not again (Just like buying insurance you know how good your insurance company is when you have to use it).  I understand policy but support could have been more empathetic, all I got was pay $400 for additional help and no real solutions for me to try on my own.  The ONLY help I got was from the moderators in this forum (which did not fix the issue).  Let me pose the question, if you revert to factory settings does that invalidate the warranty?  Probably not but updating a driver is?

-Furthermore my review on the dell website was rejected as it did not meet their guidelines, its great when you can filter out reviews!  That's an example of a very transparent company!

-I have noticed issues specifically after alienware programs were updated.  I had gone through 2 cases where windows was stuck in the cannot repair loop.

-So to anyone who is willing and to save $400 this is what I did: Total clean install to factory settings, the recovery program is great (you can back up what you need to back up via USB or external hard drive) and then conduct a clean install.  Re-installing the backup was also a breeze and now I have my GPU back!

-what I did additionally: Create a back up image once I was happy with my re-install, do not allow alienware to automatically install updates.





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